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Jul 30, 2022

"The glass cage - 9 Hilton Hotel Season August 1973" From Tupelo to Memphis


"The glass cage - 9 Hilton Hotel Season August 1973"


 Sunday July 31 at Ivoox


 Life is sometimes offered to us with enthusiasm, with encouragement, with hope, with the desire to face what happens day by day and overcome our fears to grow and continue walking.

 But at some crucial moments a circle closes us that suffocates us, that imprisons us, that defeats us, through which comes an outburst of emotions, tiredness, suffering, stress and the feeling of not being able to handle everything we have created and the consequences it gives us.

 Being imprisoned in a glass cage that is visible to all and although they want to help us, we strongly reject it, because what we want is the liberation of our actions, the feeling of flying free without those ties... but when we lose the security and peace that surrounds us, the body and the thought are overcome and we explode in our actions or our own body surrenders to the situation.

 August 1973, Elvis Presley is in a difficult moment, he looks controlled, he looks desolate, for some reason the people who love him for him, believe that they no longer understand him and his impotence gives rise to acts that would be highly criticized by the press in his profession.  In his personal life, the divorce is just around the corner and the feeling of having hit rock bottom also appears stronger inside him.  His mistakes in his career caused by the transfer of his rights, his projects to Colonel Parker, also makes Elvis feel cheated, blame him for everything and want to close his doors.

 Everything is convoluted in a glass cage, his prey is Elvis himself and at this moment he does not know how to escape.  His beloved music, his audience, his life... everything seems blurry in the face of so much boredom and suffering.  Elvis is tired of playing his own role and being "Elvis Presley", for this reason he is about to explode...

 Although not everything was negative, Elvis received a Gold record, on August 9 for the "Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite", it was delivered by Reko Yukawa from Japan in Las Vegas, Hilton Hotel, before the midnight show and another record RCA Gold Award, given to him by George Parkhill, trophies, etc.  He would also receive a Gold chain from the Hilton Hotel itself on September 1, 1973, from Henry Levin of the Hilton.  Elvis then wore the chain on stage for all of his shows until the end of the engagement.

 Season 9 at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas is going to be the end of one stage and the beginning of another, because Elvis would change his contract and would never do such tired seasons in Las Vegas again, only two weeks of the month, twice year.

 These concerts would be highly criticized by the press, although the public continues to adore Elvis, despite his changes, his jokes, the rumors that spread throughout the city and everything they are going to witness.  Season 9 would arrive with an end of protest and explosion for Elvis Presley in his Glass Cage.

 "Following the Path of the King..."


 9 Temp Las Vegas.  August 1973

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