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Music and Reality - Elvis in Las Vegas 1973


Music and Reality

Elvis in Las Vegas 1973


An artist of Elvis Presley's stature, whether he had good or bad days, certainly always tried to do his best. Even in his worst moments, even when he was sick, he would go on stage and sing.

But his life was more exposed and he was susceptible to criticism, allegations, scams, etc. Everything he did or said was judged and always remembered, he was not like a normal person, almost everything came to light and fortunately he took care to have his privacy safe.

But as for his music, it was unquestionable his great work and professionalism for years.

His voice, mastery and his undoubted love for music and the public, were his success.

Although he had ups and downs in a month of performances, in many concerts of this Season 9, at the Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, he also did good shows. But there are always those who want to criticize, tabloids, as well as people who could spread rumors in Las Vegas, about the state in which Elvis could be found.

In any case it is best to listen to his music to be able to judge and here you have a sample of one of the shows, performed in August.

Sometimes it is better to judge by listening to what you could have witnessed in his shows than to take for valid everything you could read or hear from third parties.

Because Elvis Presley's music was the reason for his life.

"Following the Path of the King..."

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