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Aug 4, 2022

"The Liberation of Thought and discontent. Las Vegas 09/08 1973"


The Liberation of Thought and discontent.

Las Vegas 09/08 1973



9 Temp Las Vegas.

August 1973 https://go.ivoox.com/rf/90462766

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Sometimes the spirit rebels and expresses willingly or unwillingly our true thoughts. When the artist feels trapped or imprisoned by his actions, when his life becomes a glass cage and his world shines through to the public, what is inside can no longer be hidden and the wings are cut off by the impotence of being able to change the Path itself...

This Season at the Hilton Hotel Elvis Presley can't take it anymore.

Season 9 in Las Vegas would be different from the previous ones because Elvis felt that he did the same thing every day in a hotel where he was working tirelessly day after day, without offering anything new, without any incentive. He was at a point that seemed to have no return, he was changing, he had also gained weight and although he was being controlled by his habits, Elvis continued with his habits.

In Las Vegas his fans eagerly awaited him, the new season as he was always asking his King and they had come from everywhere to see his idol again. Many of the spectators were regulars from other years and there were also new people who had not seen him.

Elvis would start his performances without much desire, but singing as always in these shows, although the press that saw the first shows criticized him for his show. This would be one of the worst reviews he received to date and was clearly a bad start for someone who was tired like Elvis.

Although the public adored him and many were happy, because of his interpretation, with his jokes, with his words... others were disappointed because it was no longer the same performance and they did not see the same artist in him. that they had met years ago. But Elvis was really the same artist, he was just jaded and when an artist can't express something new, something he feels, that release makes his soul trapped in his inner world and difficult to convey through his voice. That's why Elvis did different and unusual things in his shows.

If we listen to many of the recordings that exist of these shows, there is a lot of variety, but his interpretation in many moments is the same as always. It is true that one day he was more talkative, more critical and even joking and sometimes he did not finish the songs, he changed the lyrics, etc. But if we had to make an excuse for this, the answer would be the search for liberation through his thought, everything he spoke to the public was sincere. And finally his sample of the discontent that he was feeling, because Elvis was a man like all the rest and he was in one of his worst moments.

"Following the Path of the King..."

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