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"The Truth Of Milanesa"



Unsurprisingly, in Baz Luhrmann's portrayal of Colonel Parker in his film, there are plenty of errors and urban myths purporting to be true.

 He was my friend and mentor in the Elvis Presley Fan Club, but that does NOT exonerate Colonel Parker for the mistakes he made in looking out for Elvis' interests and lack of foreign appearances. 

Confirmed by the US Department of Homeland Security, throughout the 1920s the United States had an open-door policy on immigration, so it was not illegal for Andreas van Kuijk to enter the US .and work there, pay his taxes and join the Army without acquiring citizenship. 

That policy changed during the 1930s due to the Great Depression. 


Parker ensured that Elvis got the best record deal from RCA and enjoyed the most lucrative movie deals in Hollywood compared to other artists. 

It is not true that he manipulated the US Army to recruit Elvis and thus escape Presley's alleged prosecution. 

Parker took 25% of Elvis' earnings from recordings and movies and 30% from tours and stints in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The 50-50 split was for the joint merchandising and merchandising business. 

Parker did not sign his contract with the International under the threat of the mob. 

Only during the last three years of his life, when Parker had to postpone 220 of Elvis's performances (Vegas, Tahoe and tours) due to health problems, the commission was changed to 50% to cover staff salaries and expenses. cancellation responsibilities. 

The action taken by the executors of the The Elvis Presley Estate did not result in massive financial penalties against Parker. 

HE WAS PAID USD 2,000,000 (equivalent to £5,000,000 today) and $2,000,000 for his Elvis archive, a collection now valued at $20,000,000.

 According to Charlie and Joe, the episode of "head in the bucket: get that man on stage" didn't happen in Vegas, or anywhere else, and Elvis didn't rant onstage about simply finding out his manager was an illegal. 

Elvis met Parker's Dutch brother in 1961 so he knew the Colonel was from Holland. 

Could Elvis have a better manager? 

Todd Slaughter

Information provided by Elvis Shop Argentina 


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