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16 sept 2022

Anita Wood. A smile in the heart.


From Tupelo to Memphis

There are loves that leave a mark on our path, like a beautiful memory that stays in our hearts. Some indelible images that adorn a happy time full of hope. And although the ending may have been sad and painful, it can never cancel that sweet time where illusions and sincere love were shared.

When Elvis met Anita Wood on July 7, 1957, he was struck by her beauty, her sympathy and her modesty.

She was a young and intelligent woman who had already started her artistic career and shared the same desires as Elvis.

Anita was a television actress and singer, at this time she was already appearing on a program for TV 10 Dance Party' with Wink Martindale and Elvis noticed her, so he would ask her friend George Klein, who already knew her, to ask for an appointment.

Elvis had to wait two weeks for her to accept her invitation, because she really wasn't impressed by the invitation and because she had a previous engagement. George was very surprised to avoid the first date, since no one had refused to meet Elvis Presley, but this would not prevent them from finally getting to know each other and little by little become intimate.

Elvis took her to her house and realized that Anita was a different woman from the girls he had known, she was not an easy girl and she had very clear ideas about her. she was a person she was very sure of herself and like Elvis she was in great demand, but when they met something very special would be born between them. This made her a serious girlfriend for almost five years, both were engaged in the artistic world and had commitments, but they shared many happy moments.

Elvis introduced her to her family, her mother was very happy with this relationship and Elvis's friends had great admiration for Anita.

He had a habit of giving affectionate nicknames and since he was much taller than her, he affectionately called her "Little Bitty" or "Little". He also prank called her, her number 1 girl.

When Anita was returning from a week in Hollywood to prepare for her first role in the film 'Girl in the Woods', Elvis had given her a ring the previous week in Hollywood. To Anita it meant something very important.

They came to really love each other, although Elvis could not stop being "Elvis" and inevitably continued to have some other unimportant relationship, until the obligation of Military Service arrived.

On March 24, 1958, Elvis Presley, accompanied by his parents and a group of relatives and friends, appeared before the Memphis Draft Board to initiate his service. He would have to travel to Germany.

For 18 months it would be more difficult to see each other and maintain this relationship.

When Elvis went to Germany he would feel very lonely and would organize parties to entertain himself. In one of these meetings, Elvis would meet Priscilla Beaulieu, with whom he felt very comfortable and for whom he also began to feel a great rapprochement, a love as well, which made him want to take her to her house.

She was also her confidant and friend, this would be more important after the death of Gladys, her mother, on August 14, 1958.

This event left Elvis heartbroken and brought him closer to Priscilla, because Anita was at a distance from her.

When Elvis returned to his house, he was already very close to Priscilla, a girl of only fourteen years old, because of the moments they shared, because of the pain. This did not go unnoticed by the press as they said that he had a girlfriend in Germany.

Anita, with a confident character and above all with an understanding and loving attitude, would welcome her boy back home as if nothing had changed and she would continue to be her girlfriend.

Although the love for Anita was mature and strong, the letters that Priscilla sent her kept that relationship at a distance.

Anita would find a letter and discovered that this relationship was stronger than it seemed.

Elvis had great doubts, he did not know very well that he could pass and who to choose between the two. This unfortunate confession Elvis made to a friend at Graceland, Anita overheard. This caused her to decide to leave Elvis for good, to whom she said: "you don't have to choose, I'm leaving the relationship."

Elvis was left heartbroken and crying, a pity that he had not insisted on fixing this situation. Because we will never know if his path would have gone the other way.

For Elvis, this memory of Anita would remain forever with a smile in his heart because her love would leave him a beautiful memory.

"Following the Path of the King..."

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