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Monday, September 5, 2022

Jumpsuits 9 Season Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. August 6 to September 3, 1973


Jumpsuits 9 Season Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. August 6 to September 3, 1973

The Magic on Stage
The costumes that Elvis wore on stage were one more part of his show, since his image, in addition to his interpretation, were part of a scenic ensemble with which the public fell in love with the artist.

For the commitment to the Hilton Hotel for the summer of 1973, from August 6 to September 3, Elvis would once again wear the designs of Bill Belew and Gene Doucette. For this new season Elvis would wear new suits that would be designed especially for Las Vegas and would keep some previous ones like the "White Snowflake", "White Nail Suit", "Today Suit", "Fire Suit", "Orange Suit"... The new suits followed the same type of patterns they were making or similar, with new animal motifs and decorations on the belts, with studs and colored rhinestones. Curiosities of this season, Elvis rarely used the cape to close the show, from the second week he would stop using it.

New Jumpsuits:

"Blue Starburst Suit" or "Blue Target Suit" with Blue Cape".
White suit with a design similar to the "Orange Sunburst" print, but with less rhinestones. The pattern looks like an explosion of stars that adorns the chest and the back.Also on the outside of the sleeves with rays in various directions, on the collar and on the outside of the pant legs.The patterns have gold colored studs, in different sizes.The cape with the same pattern of stars in rhinestones.The white leather belt with seven round gold medallions, two of them on the buckle.With the same rhinestones and studs.It has two gold chains with six bows around the belt.This suit was first worn by Elvis Once in Las Vegas in August 1973 and believed in Las Vegas in January/February 1974. Also in March 1974.

"White Spanish Flower Suit" with Green lined cape.
White jumpsuit with a pattern similar to that of the "Light Blue Spanish Flower 3p suit pieces" from the previous year. It has the same drawings in growing flower patterns, made with gold-colored ball studs that shape a trunk and the branches of the trees. The patterns are adorned with rhinestones in blue and green. Both on the upper part of the suit, front and back. Also on the outside of the sleeves and legs of the pants with the pleats lined in green. The cape has the same type of pattern and the inside is lined in green. The suit is adorned with a white leather belt with a very large buckle adorned with a lion's head with a feather on each side and three more lions around the belt with the same rhinestones. It also has two gold-colored chains in six arcs that surround it. The suit premiered in Las Vegas in August 1973 and again in Las Vegas in January/February 1974.

"Black Spanish Flower Suit with Red Cape".
Suit like the previous ones, black, with prints and studs. The difference would be in the color of the rhinestones, which would be in red with a layer of titanium that enhances the color. The black cape with a red lining. The black leather belt with a large, square, bronze-like buckle with a pattern that looks like an octopus. In addition to wearing four bronze buckles around the belt with the motif of a topless lady .The belt embellished with studs and rhinestones, just like the suit, with two gold chains and six bows around it. This suit, sometimes called the Octopus Suit, premiered in Las Vegas in August 1973 and in September 1974. The designer of these suits of black Spanish flowers, they were not commissioned by Elvis. It was Gene Doucette who designed and offered them.

"Aqua Biue Vine Suit"
It was also called "Light Blue Flower Suit" or "Turquoise Flower Suit"White jumpsuit with vine plant drawings on the upper part of the body, on the outside of the sleeves and on each side of the folds of the legs, lined with a blue fabric. The branch patterns are made with ball studs in gold color, the leaf patterns are made with oval studs. Embellished with aquamarine blue rhinestones that simulate flowers. The cape with the same vine plant patterns and the lined interior lined with blue fabric. The belt in white leather with six medallions in gold color and in the center with a large aquamarine blue rhinestone. With studs and rhinestones. The belt with two golden chains. It was first worn in Las Vegas in August 1973 and is believed in Las Vegas in January/February 1974 and in March. "Lava Suit" with Tiger Cloak" It was called by other names "Laya Suit", "Topaz Suit", "Brown Flower Suit" or "Amber Suit" It is a white suit patterned in the shape of Lava flowing down. they feature on the chest and back, as well as on the outside on the sleeves.Also on the legs it has pleats lined with fake tiger skin on each side.With studs and rhinestones that adorn the whole.The belt has two golden chains in six arcs that surround it.with engraved Tiger heads.The cape with tiger skin lining.Elvis premiered it in Las Vegas in August 1973 and in Las Vegas in January/February 1974. "Arabian Suit" or "Memphis Suit" with Red lining cape White suit with a pattern


"Following the King's Path..."

From Tupelo to Memphis 80. A full stop 1973


Information provided by From Tupelo To Memphis

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