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7 sept 2022

The consequences of the Acts. October 1973. The divorce.


After a strange Season in Las Vegas, the firing of Colonel Parker and regretting this, the divorce date would come.

Elvis and Priscilla's relationship had lasted for many years, since 1958 when he met her in Bad Nauheim, Germany. Years of love, friendship, laughter, pain, commitments, obligations... all the circumstances that lead to a relationship that could have been extended or broken during the first years.

Elvis was always an unfaithful man, it was really difficult for him to be otherwise, perhaps looking for another love, another complicity that he did not find in Priscilla. She was almost a girl when she fell in love with him and over the years she would grow up and mature seeing how her husband changed her way of being and his customs. Although she knew of her infidelities, over time her independence led her to also have another relationship that finally made him leave her marriage.

But she would surely have done it regardless of this, because Priscilla also needed to feel independent and valid, despite being the mother of a family, she would seek her own destiny.

 The separation was completely inevitable and for this reason the divorce would finally come.

Everything was already sentenced between the two parties, Priscilla Beaulieu and Elvis Presley had reached an economic agreement by which they separated as a couple. Although obviously never as Lisa Marie's parents, their divorce would be amicable and they would show it to the press when they left the court smiling and hand in hand, on October 9, 1973.

Priscilla would see that Elvis was very swollen, she saw him very changed. The press recorded several photographs of this departure from the courts, so George Klein asked Elvis what he was saying to Priscilla when they were saying goodbye.

Elvis said he told her, “We met as friends and parted as friends. If you ever need anything, just give me a call. Always love You."

Elvis' customs with his daughter Lisa Marie, adapted to the circumstances. As her father, he would always try to be with her and take her to all the commitments he had and even modify them if necessary to be able to enjoy her daughter. With her mother he never had any problems being able to see her when it was possible and fortunately between the two there were no resentments or later reproaches. Fortunately, all the tension that existed when they were living together as a married couple disappeared with that bond and when they saw each other again they seemed like friends and shared their daughter because it was clear that between Elvis and Priscilla there was a strong bond that would never be broken and their daughter was part of their lives.

Although Elvis would accept this change, since it was impossible to remedy it, Priscilla already had a stable relationship and so did he, it was absurd to think about this at this point. Really, their marriage was careless in many aspects and Priscilla, who matured by his side, realized that she no longer had to be with him anymore, since their relationship was almost nonexistent, after having had her daughter and Elvis was dedicated to more to other women than to her.

Her past mistakes gave way to this consequence, although for Elvis the music, his performances came first, the fact that his family was divided into two, was a hard blow difficult to accept. Besides, the fact that his wife had left him was stronger for Elvis, because he felt very offended. But in October 1973 this no longer mattered, there were other things that weighed him down as well, it is very possible that Elvis was depressed by his situation, but the fatigue of doing the same thing day after day was added and having recently performed at the Hilton Hotel would be for him also an explosion of complaints.

Elvis continued to use Demerol as a remedy for his ills, not only physical ones, and he was going overboard in a way that would complicate things to the point of degenerating into a serious problem for his health.

His friends were very worried about Elvis, because they were seeing many unusual changes in his attitude, but nobody could do anything to remedy his problems.

Elvis was truly responsible for his own actions.

"Following the Path of the King..."

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