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14 sept 2022

The Gates of Happiness - Graceland


The gates of happiness - Graceland


Nothing is more important in a person's life than his home, his house, his family, adding to a man like Elvis we could add his music. Graceland his house would have a new image and many changes after its purchase. Elvis wanted to have everything to his liking and he also knew that if he added a personal touch to the entrance of his walls, his house would be representing through his doors, his own home.

On April 22, 1957, Graceland debuted the new iron gates with a special guitar motif, manufactured by Veterans Ornamental Iron Works of Phoenix, Arizona. The cost of them is $1,300 and they are installed with their electronic equipment that would cost $1,752.

He wanted to have a special entrance that had a musical touch to it and so he commissioned them. The result would be the pride and symbol of ownership of Elvis Presley.

Elvis would pose at the foot of them, in front of the gates of Graceland Drive. It was April 26, 1957.

In this place, fans waited for hours to see his idol and Elvis had the courtesy to greet them and sign autographs at these famous doors.

Graceland was his home, his most beloved home, despite the time and the fact that he came to have more properties, there Elvis came to know tranquility and happiness.

The year 1957, would be very important in the success and life of Elvis Presley, we are following his path again to live his story!

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