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22 sept 2022

"The Pact between Colonel Parker and Elvis"


De Tupelo a Memphis


At this time that Elvis was making the movie "Jailhouse Rock", Elvis had more and more people around him, his insecurity, his way of being made him need the peace of mind of having friends with him. 

When he was surrounded by his cousins, his friends, George Klein, Lamar Fike, he felt the security that he lacked when he was alone. They went out in a group even when they met someone from the scene like Russ Tamblyn, Elvis was also surrounded by women despite having a brief relationship with a girl, like the actress Yvonne Lime, also with Annie Neyland and others. But these relationships were short-lived, nothing serious, until he met Anita Wood in July 1957.

There were more people who were becoming more and more important in his group who could be good friends with Elvis, like the songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, especially Mike with whom he began to have more friendships.

Elvis was supposed to be able to make his life his own way and meet whoever he wanted, go out or not, he said he was nobody's property. But the influence of Colonel Parker began to restrict friendships and approaches towards him. Although there was supposed to be a pact between the two, not to interfere in his life, only professionally, when Elvis was surrounded by friends in his room and Colonel Tom Parker appeared, everyone disappeared as if the Devil had arrived. This was realized by Mike Stoller who was invited by Elvis and while they were playing pool he saw how everyone left running and when Elvis himself told him that he had to leave, because the Colonel did not want him to be there.

The situation was really very strange, but Elvis would explain that the Colonel was like a father to him, although no one could tell him what he could or could not do. He recognized that the Colonel knew the business and he didn't, he never got involved in his recording sessions and Elvis didn't get involved in his business.

The idea is that he didn't interfere in his life, but indirectly he did it with his mere presence, his decisions limited the freedom to make friends with a composer like Mike, because the fear of being influenced made the Colonel want to isolate Mike. Elvis. He didn't want members outside his circle who might give him ideas and proposals that he didn't handle first.

He even professionally began to reject proposals that never came to fruition, an example was the visit of Robert Mitchum, who went one afternoon to visit Elvis. He wanted her to play his brother in the upcoming production of Thunder Road, a bootlegger story he had written and was producing. Elvis was very excited about this proposal and with the visit, he told all this to his friend and actor Russ Tamblyn who arrived after Mitchum had left.

But this proposal would not see the light of day, obviously there were many reasons why the Colonel would not want to accept these proposals, but they were completely illogical, since a role, even if it had been secondary alongside Robert Mitchum, would have given him more opportunities to enter on the other Road to the film industry.

Tom Parker's vision could be successful in wanting Elvis to be the absolute protagonist and for now the films he was going to choose could be a success, such as "King Creole" which would be filmed a year later. But many proposals were rejected later that would have become great films and given the opportunity to develop his film career with more dramatic and credible titles.

But Elvis, as he said, did not get involved in business decisions and did not criticize the Colonel's rejections, without realizing that finally his future was going to change in his hands.

Elvis trusted Colonel Parker with all decisions, although professionally he did seek advice and help from film sets, directors or actors, in order to do things better. He would show an interest that everyone saw and probably if he had the opportunity to do another type of film, he would have been a great actor.

A few days after finishing the shooting of the film, the actress Judy Tyler who co-starred with him in the film, tragically died in a car accident, with her husband. Elvis received the news of her with great sadness, because he had made friends with her. It would be a blow to him and when "Jailhouse Rock" was released, he said that he would never see it again, because he was so sad after Judy's death.

What came next were his concerts, after so much time in Hollywood, he had planned a tour of the Pacific Northwest, in five cities.

He would return to the stage again in August 1957.

"Following the Path of the King..."

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