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23 sept 2022

"The Way of Renunciation"


The Way of Renunciation

De Tupelo a Memphis


October 1973. Elvis Presley finds himself in a time of change, a difficult one since the time has come to follow his path after the divorce. Although he always blamed himself for his depression, his exhaustion and his situation at this separation, there were more reasons, but the main one was his addiction to demerol, to drugs even if they were prescribed anyway.

It is true that a large part of his condition had a lot to do with the separation, but at this point Elvis paid no attention to anyone and continued with his same habits that increasingly harmed his health. His physical deterioration was beginning to be clear and evident to everyone.

There were many details that made one think that Elvis neither wanted nor could leave all this, Sonny West would say that Elvis not only got recipes in his name, but even on occasion discovered that he used the name of others, a clear example would be that of his own son. When he was at the Monovale house, Sonny accepted a delivery from Schwab's pharmacy, in the order there were several prescriptions, bottles, but he realized that one of them carried the prescription in the name of his son Bryan. Sonny was furious and went to claim Elvis himself, who said that he knew nothing about this. The matter was already serious and he had come too far.

Six days after the divorce decree, Elvis suffered a physical breakdown. He had had respiratory problems since he returned to Graceland, Linda called Dr. Nick, who after two days of monitoring his condition at home, decided to take him to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, since his situation began to be more critical. . It was necessary and he would have to be hospitalized because there was no other solution.

Elvis hated hospitals, but they tried to make his situation there at least more comfortable and they put all the means to isolate him as if instead of being in a hospital, he felt that he was in a hotel.

Linda even had her own bed next to him and also as she wished they covered the windows with aluminum foil so she wouldn't be disturbed by the light.

He was also in an isolated wing of the Hospital, with all the security around him and also with all his wishes fulfilled. They even brought him food that was made in Graceland in order to satisfy his requests, since he did not like the hospital food at all.

The hospital did not follow his rules and they granted his requests, they behaved so well, that in November, Elvis sent them a letter of thanks.

Elvis was entered under the assumed name of Aaron Sivle, the name play of his real middle name and Elvis in reverse.

Elvis was admitted to Baptist Memorial Hospital for eighteen days in October through November 1973.

He underwent extensive tests and doctors initially said his hospitalization was due to pneumonia and pleurisy, with additional symptoms of toxic hepatitis and an enlarged colon.

But despite all these diagnoses, the reality was that Elvis was there because of his addiction and to detox, since they discovered everything else that was happening to him and everything that he had used.

Dr. George Nichopoulos, Elvis' personal physician, discovered his addiction to Demerol

They decided to treat him as an addict and Elvis was hospitalized until November 1...

They decided to treat him as an addict and Elvis was hospitalized until November 1.

Elvis's medical file was hidden from all the other doctors who did not treat him, it was one of Doctor Nick's conditions to protect the privacy and above all the public image of Elvis as an artist.

Elvis's friends, Lamar Fike, Marty, Billy his cousin, would say that in June Elvis had already suffered an overdose that left him very bad, they had to leave him under the shower water, without circulation, few heartbeats and outside of yes He did not respond to anything they tried to revive him with shaking, but finally Dr Nick arrived on time and was able to revive him.

But it was not the first time, unfortunately, and he no longer paid attention to anything, the designs of destiny were being helped by Elvis himself. After this he would receive an acupuncture treatment that actually hid methadone, as if he were an addict.

Elvis already had colon and liver problems, it was hereditary, also gastrointestinal problems, etc. But everything was complicated by the drugs he got.

There was a plan to be able to intercept the medications

that he received, but it was very difficult to fight against Elvis himself.

It was evident that it was very difficult to change the way he was and everything that was happening degenerated into collapse and hospitalization.

Although this hospital stay was necessary for Elvis to detoxify, it was not so clear that he was going to stop doing it.

The hospitalization even though he had no choice but to accept it, Elvis said that he would not deal with psychiatrists, he did not agree and would just stay there without them wanting to analyze his brain.

The end result stops He seemed to have been successful and Elvis would leave the Hospital with other perspectives and with more encouragement.

But there was always that doubt that everyone had regarding their hobby

Elvis would be willing to resign or not?

"Following the Path of the King..."

Information provided by De Tupelo a Memphis


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