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ELVIS (1964-1967) Episode 2: "The Film Kissin Cousins Arrives at Position Nº11" - ELVIS RADIO 24h


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Oct 14, 2022

ELVIS (1964-1967) Episode 2: "The Film Kissin Cousins Arrives at Position Nº11"


(1964-1967) Episode 2

In February 1964, Elvis began filming his 16th film, "Roustabout," co-starring Hollywood legend Barbara Stanwyck. The film produced by Hal B. Wallis of Paramount Pictures tells the story of a traveling circus. 

"Kissin 'Cousins" opens nationally on March 6, 1964. It is one of the poorest quality films of his career, all the while reaching number 11 at the box office and soon it would start to descend The reason for the low quality is caused by the high production costs of the Viva Las Vegas movie. To avoid another disaster, Col. Tom Parker hires producer Sam Katzman, known for controlling expenses to the smallest detail (the control was both money and time to make the film) thus guaranteeing good profits.

Unfortunately, these cuts had a clear impact on the film, which did not seek to give Elvis a role and a film that would give him fame, but rather was only a purely economic vehicle. For its part, the soundtrack, also lacking in quality, surprisingly manages to reach number 6 on the Billboard list. At the same time, Elvis meets Larry Geller (he would become Elvis's hairdresser and confidant) on April 30, 1964 and begins a time of deep spiritual study.

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