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Oct 7, 2022

Elvis: "I Got A Feeling In My Body"




Elvis: "I Got A Feeling In My Body". RECORDINGS AT STAX STUDIOS DECEMBER 10, 1973


 Elvis's humor had returned, his enthusiasm for these sessions as well, in fact he really wanted to record and he showed up in the studio in a very good mood.

 A total of 28 studio tracks were planned for RCA, 11 had already been made, so the rest would begin recording at Stax studios on Monday, December 10, 1973.

 The first curiosity of these sessions is that when Elvis went to record, he knew that there was a baseball game that was going to be televised at that moment and he did not want to miss it. He couldn't think of anything else but to buy flat-screen televisions for the study and also some hamburgers for those present. Many were taken and the leftovers would be given away to those in need.

 That was how Elvis was in his own way, he wanted to do the recordings well, but he could afford to do things his way, because no one would dare to criticize him, for fear that he would turn around and not come back. plus.

Elvis: "I Got A Feeling In My Body". RECORDINGS AT STAX STUDIOS DECEMBER 10, 1973

If Elvis was in a good mood, everything was done efficiently and they could do some good sessions, but if something happened to upset him, that was it. This happened on the fourth day, that Elvis arrived euphoric and wanting to collaborate, but only one song could be recorded, someone forgot to order the food, so Elvis went home and did not return.

 Two songs would be recorded on this day:

  "I Got A Feeling In My Body" by Dennis Linde

 "It's Midnight" by Billy Edd Wheeler and Jerry Chestnut

 "I Got A Feeling In My Body"


A composition by Dennis Linde.

 Elvis was experimenting with this song that was modern at the time, it starts off strong and wanting to hit. A score that could impact and with a good accompaniment, with this rhythm and its choir, it was a clear success. But it wasn't like that, the truth is that of all the songs they recorded, this one would be in the Funky style and with its catchy melody, the one that could have had more possibilities, but it would have been the wrong way.

Elvis: "I Got A Feeling In My Body". RECORDINGS AT STAX STUDIOS DECEMBER 10, 1973

 The sessions began with this Gospel song from the composer of "Burning Love". On this song Elvis's enthusiasm was much greater than on the ones he performed in July. Even the sound quality was vastly improved, it was clear that the equipment they had brought was much better than the sound desk in the studios themselves.

 Elvis's voice spills over into the performance, sounds cleaner, crisper, and more energetic. But the arrangements and the treatment given to it in the production would not be entirely successful, since they reduced the importance of his main voice, Elvis. The final effect in the song, of all the musical accompaniment and the chorus, makes the voice disappear from afar and it should have been the opposite. The publication was far from the shots that had been made initially because of the production.


 Take 1.

 track 6-7

 It is true that the lyrics were quite peculiar, it spoke of the liberation of pain, of doubts... but with a spiritual approach. Perhaps a more mundane letter would have given that attraction to the public, the truth is that the music caught Elvis and this is what we heard in the shots.

 Dennis Linde, the author, composed over 250 songs. He is best known for writing Elvis Presley's 1972 hit "Burning Love." He normally used to write the lyrics and music for his songs, with few exceptions. Linde wrote the top 5 US country hits. In 1994, Linde won the "Best Writer Award" from BMI, Broadcast Music. Inc, one of the three largest broadcasting organizations on behalf of songwriters and musicians. He also received four BMI Most Performed Titles awards that year.

 Elvis recorded at Stax on December 10, 1973 this spiritual Funky by Dennis Linde. The song was released on "Good Times" in 1974, to which Dennis Linde's guitar playing on the original release was added. It has subsequently been included in "Our Memories of Elvis, vol.2", "Walk A Mile In My Shoes", the 2000 reissue of "Promised Land", "Peace in the Valley" and "Elvis and The Presleys", " Essential Elvis, vol.5" , "Today , Tomorrow & Forever" and FTD "Easter Special" , including alternate takes, etc.

 The recordings at Stax studios begin with great force and with Elvis brimming with vitality.

 "Following the Path of the King..."

 Official version.

 listen to the program


 Stax Studios 1. December 1973


listen to the program   FROM TUPELO TO MEMPHIS 81   Stax Studios 1. December 1973   https://go.ivoox.com/rf/93137910


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