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Oct 29, 2022

Jerry Lee Lewis, the piano genius The Designs of Destiny


Jerry Lee Lewis, the piano genius
 The Designs of Destiny

 Jerry Lee was an exceptional musician, a piano wizard who transported us with his music, his voice and his haunting personality.

 Like Elvis, he would be born in the same year 1935 and would have the influence of the music and environment in Memphis, also with an overwhelming talent and a striking presence.

 His fire was in his music, his strength, his rebelliousness made him a famous musician and also gave him the opportunity to achieve fame.  But his life would run on a different path, due to errors that a good manager or image consultant would have controlled and would not have allowed to sink his peak moment.

 Just like Elvis had the opportunity and the moment of Fame, also like Elvis had a girl next to her who was underage, only Jerry married her and made the mistake of taking her on her tour in England .  It was 1958, Elvis will travel to Germany for his military service, where a year later he would meet 14-year-old Priscilla, but this relationship would not become a scandal, it would remain hidden and for years Elvis would have her at home, until finally marrying she.

 However, Jerry married his 13-year-old cousin and when he arrived on his international tour, where he would become known worldwide, after three concerts he had to suspend it.  A journalist broke the news and they branded him a pederast, his career plummeted despite his undoubted success and talent.

 It was his time, his opportunity for fame opened the doors to him worldwide, but like Elvis, the censorship was waiting to criticize his actions and not allow him freedom.

 Despite the time, the North American costumbrista society never forgave him.
 Jerry continued to perform and record for years, even having some moderate success on the country charts.

 But he would not care, his talent has crossed the border of time, being always recognized as a genius in music.

 Although he and Elvis never became friends, they met in a famous session, December 4, 1956, at Sun Records with their mutual promoter, Sam Phillips.

 They had many things in common, but fate led them down different paths.

 Yesterday, Jerry passed away at the age of 87, after a life marked by contradictions, fatality, but above all his music.

 The devilish way of playing the piano, a genius and his strength on stage nicknamed him "the killer".  But he will always remain in our memory as a rebel who was not afraid of anything.  Fortunately, his talent will always be recognized.

 His music is his greatest legacy:


 Music loses the last of his geniuses, adored genius with his magic fingers!

 Jerry, rest in peace!

 "Following The Path of the King..."

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