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Oct 25, 2022

The Value of the Artist. Elvis at Stax 1973


The Value of the Artist. Elvis at Stax 1973


"Thinking About You" by Tim Baty.

A folk/country song, very different from the songs that Elvis sang.

The lyrics about lost love, but with an optimistic tone, also with a catchy chorus.
Elvis's interpretation nuanced while remaining caught up in the moment.

This country ballad , written by Tim Batty and recorded at Stax Studios on December 12 , 1973 , was issued as a B - side single to the " My Boy " single in January 1975 .

it was also included on the "Promised Land" album, later on "Our Memories of Elvis", in a version without overdubs. It later appeared in the "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" anthology. Alternative versions can be found in "Essential Elvis, vol.5" and in the FTD "Made in Memphis", etc.

An upbeat ballad song, which Elvis also likes. With rhythm and chorus in the central part. Although vocally nothing risky, but with a pleasant flavor in his voice.

A simple simple melody, in which Elvis did some experiment with the voice, since he did not treat it as he usually sang, but played with the voice in some fragment.

It is true that possibly more could have been obtained but the score does not give for more. Perhaps with more percussion or clapping it would have been impregnated with more rhythm.

During these recordings, Elvis wanted to hear gospel songs that he knew, but sometimes he wanted to hear something different. If he liked one he would find a meaning and a way to do a good job with it.
This song caught his attention and he immediately wanted to record it that same night. Tim Baty would explain that Elvis started singing that song and the choir started following him. He sang it two or three times with the choir and said, "No, that's not it." He then called him and Tim played the song again on his guitar to give him the security he needed.

He felt that his song was special,. Because it would be released as a single, he was also very happy with the final result of the song.

Elvis' vocal performance is described as great because it was so stylistic and individual.

Elvis had a habit of listening to the song over and over again, after signing off on the recording, he would normally feel dissatisfied or complain that he hadn't done a good take, so he would want to re-record it, but many times Felton Jarvis told him he made her listen to convince him that her work was good.
Elvis was a magnificent professional with his voice, because of his ability and because of his handling as an artist. His instrument, his voice had a range up to almost four octaves.

Tim Baty said that "he had a God-given talent, because he said that Elvis did everything right. Not only did he have the vocal ability but his acting ability was as much a gift as his voice. After Elvis finished singing a song, it was hers".

In short, the result of his interpretation was even better than the composer himself would have imagined. He was a very creative artist who enhanced the work of the composer

"Following the Path of the King..."

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