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Nov 15, 2022

A photo of Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison found after 65 years!


Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison

A photo of Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison found after 65 years!

The first joint photo of two popular music legends

Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison were friends. When years ago I had the opportunity to exchange a few sentences with the Orbison sons, I heard from them that their father wrote his later big hit, "Only The Lonely" with Presley in mind. According to their words, Roy even took the song to Graceland, but Elvis was too sick at the time and couldn't meet him ...

On the other hand, musicians recording with Elvis in Nashville in the 1960s have repeatedly mentioned that the first thing Elvis did after coming to the studio was asking about what was going on with Roy Orbison.

And although the friendship of these two great stars of light music has become legendary, for many years no one has managed to reveal a single photo of them together. Until today!

The first photo has appeared on the Internet in which we can finally see Presley and Orbison together. The photo was taken around 1957 (as evidenced by, among others, Elvis' hairstyle and the medallion that he wears around his neck).

On the occasion of this nice discovery, it is worth recalling that in one of the interviews, Roy Orbison remembered that he had taken two photographs with Presley. One around 1956/1957 (probably the one we can see from today) and the other in 1976. Perhaps this second photo will also be released soon.

Info: Arjan Deelen / Mariusz Ogieg艂o of EP Promised Land (Poland)

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