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Nov 15, 2022

Elvis and the folk song. "Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues"


Elvis at Stax Studios. 1973

Elvis and the folk song


"Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues"

Elvis at Stax Studios. 1973

"Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues" by Danny O'Keefe.
This folk song, ballad, an evocative song, with a relaxed air and the lyrics that bring us closer to a future and natural truth, the abandonment to search for something new and different.

With a clear and wonderful melody in the voice of Elvis, with a catchy and easy to remember chorus. Elvis' interpretation is sure and with a crystal clear voice. The support of the strings on the guitar and the rest of the orchestration that gives rest to the voice, means that the rest can have their moment to show off. The choir as always accompanying Elvis, in a sweet and leisurely way. A theme that remains in the memory, despite not being a shocking song due to its writing, but sometimes simplicity is attractive.

Elvis's voice is safe, he is heard in one of his best moments, in addition to being identified with the song, this gives him greater confidence in his interpretation.

Elvis recorded this song at Stax Studios on December 13, 1973.

It was released on their album "Good Times". Elvis sang the song live in concert in the summer of 1974. An alternate studio take came out in 1998 on "Essential Elvis, vol 5". It was also included on "Walk A Mile In My Shoes", the 2000 album "Promised Land", and on BMG's 2006 album "Elvis Country", etc.

Elvis' version revealingly left out a verse that included the lyric "I take the pills to ease the pain/Can't find anything to ease my brain," but the final take is still impressive and closed out the night with a bang.

Danny O'Keefe a folk singer and songwriter, although he would not have much success he would be the composer of several songs, such as "The Valentine Pieces", "The Road", "Along for the Ride", "Quits", etc.

This song would be the only success of the writer of it Danny O'Keefe. It was first recorded by O'Keefe in 1967, although it was not released at the time. It was recorded by The Bards and released in 1968, The song was later recorded by O'Keefe for his self-titled debut album in 1971.

 The following year he re-recorded it (with a slower, more downbeat arrangement) for his second album, O'Keefe. The song was also covered by Mel Torm茅.

Danny commented that someone sent him a copy of the Elvis album shortly after its release, his impression of the song was not entirely satisfactory, because he felt a bit tired and uninspired. But the truth is that the composer although he was very honored that Elvis recorded his song, he was disappointed because he expected it to be published as a single and when he realized that it would not be, this left him frustrated. He realized that the record company was not particularly interested in promoting him. In addition to not being a favorite song in Elvis publications.

He said it sounded a bit forced being a concept album of songs on the "Good Times" album. The truth is that he would comment that it was a shame that Elvis did not leave Colonel Parker, since he believed that he had returned to his roots and the vitality of the good times. Despite his opinion, his admiration for Elvis was very great.

Like any songwriter, being covered by Elvis made his score an important target, regardless of whether it was released as a single. It was always a guarantee of being on the list of composers to choose from and a great advantage.
Because despite not composing, Elvis created on top of the written score, turning it into a better version of itself.

"Following the Path of the King..."

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