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Elvis. A look back in time "Promised Land"


A look back in time. "Promised Land"





"Promised Land" by Chuck Berry

 A classic Rock and Roll that Elvis could have sung perfectly in the 50s, although it would be written later in 1964. Elvis no longer played classic Rock at this time, but made music for his movies, which was far from the style before him. Evidently Elvis evolved musically in a different way and his songs changed over time and the songs that he had sung in his early days were already interpreted in a different way.

 This Rock would be impressive in his voice, with rhythm and with success, although adapted to modern times. But it is true that Elvis's voice style changes a lot from the songs of yesteryear. Denser, more mature with a different intention but no less effective for this. A lively and forceful song, although it is true that the ending of it, as always, was overloaded with instrumentation. The intention in the interpretation of Elvis sounds with a tendency to Rock Country, more than a pure Rock. The pace is a bit faster than the original. Obviously his desire and his intention were to find songs that were also animated for these recordings and get out of the dramatic tone that he had in recent times, and this song achieves it.

 It was issued as a single in September 1974, along with "It's Midnight" on the B-side, the single peaked at number 14 on the charts and stayed for 13 weeks. Although it sold less than a third of a million copies. Curiously, in the United Kingdom it reached number 9.

 Elvis included it in the repertoire for his concerts between the summers of 1974 and 1975.

 "Promised Land" was included on the album of the same name and was later included on the 1981 RCA album "This Is Elvis" and the anthology "Walk A Mile In My Shoes". Also found in "Artist Of The Century", "Elvis 2nd to None" and in "Hitstory", et. Live versions are included on "Live In Las Vegas" and on the FTD albums "Big Boss Man" and "Southern Nights", etc. Alternate Takes have appeared on Platinum: "A Life In Music", "Essential Elvis Vol. 5", "Today, Tomorrow and Forever", etc, etc.

Charles Edward Anderson Berry, known artistically as Chuck Berry, was an American songwriter, performer, singer, and guitarist.

 He is considered one of the most influential musicians in the history of Rock and Roll and one of its pioneers. His songs were covered by others or by himself as well known as "Maybellene", "Roll Over Beethoven", "Rock and Roll Music", "Johnny B. Goode", etc... One of the best artists in History and Like the greats, he has received all kinds of awards and honors. Hollywood Walk of Fame star, Grammy Award for Lifetime Achievement. Also included in the Rock Hall of Fame, Kennedy Center Honors Award, etc, etc.

 "Promised Land" is a song with lyrics written by Chuck Berry is based on the melody of "Wabash Cannonball", an American folk song. The song was first recorded in this version by Berry in 1964 . Released in December 1964, Chuck Berry wrote this song while he was in jail and it tells of a journey across the United States, a poor boy heading to the promised land.

 A Song that could have easily opened a return to the past, but it would not be like that, because Elvis always looked to the future with his music.

 "Following the Path of the King..."


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