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Nov 25, 2022

Elvis - A Mythical Song "Blue Christmas"


ELVIS - A Mythical Song "Blue Christmas"

"Blue Christmas" by Billy Hayes and Jay Johnson

 Elvis recorded this song on September 5, 1957, at Radio Recorders Hollywood.

 Several Christmas themes were included, which Elvis did not really want to record, including this song that had been widely covered previously.

 It had already been a country hit for Ernest Tubb in 1950. Actually it was a song that lent itself to many interpretations and looking for another type of style it was chosen to be able to interpret it in a more modern, slow and insinuating tone. It was more suited to Elvis' repertoire, which had nothing to do with Christmas. Elvis wanted to make it different and wanted to include the voice of the soprano Millie Kirkham, as a response to her interpretation, a curious intervention that would become a classic in "Blue Christmas". It was what is called in musical slang an "obbligato", a musical passage that must be interpreted exactly as it is written, it was indispensable in the song. Although Millie had to interpret it without lyrics, just a melody and exactly as Elvis had asked her, she felt a little confused, due to the contrast that it was with the singer's interpretation, but the result is special.

 It was first recorded by Doye O'Dell in 1948.

 It is a story that talks about unrequited love during the holidays.

 Elvis Presley made this song a Christmas classic, without intending to make it mythical. His version is undoubtedly the best and most attractive in Elvis's voice. Also musically, it would innovate musicologically and culturally, the harmony of the choir would also be peculiar and the part of the soprano in obbligato would make it even more special.

 "Blue Christmas" was included on "Elvis Christmas", it was also included on a 1957 EP (Extended Play) 45 titled "Elvis Sings Christmas Songs"

  Released as a single in November 1964 with the song "Wooden Heart". It was absurd to publish it years later and with a song from a 1960 film, it would not enter the charts, although it would reach number 11 in England. If it would reach number 1 on the Christmas compiled lists. It was re-released as a single in October 1965 with "Santa Claus Is Back in Town", which also failed to chart.

 The studio version has since appeared on "Elvis : A Legendary Performer Vol 2", "Memories of Christmas", "A Golden Celebration", "If every Day Was a Like Christmas", "Blue Christmas", "The King Of Rock 'n' Roll","Christmas Peace", "Elvis Christmas",etc.

 It was also featured by Elvis as his favorite Christmas song on the NBC TV Comeback Special, taped June 27, 1968. This version was included on "Aron Presley", "A Golden Celebration", "Memories" :The '68 Comeback Special" and "Tiger Man".


 Alternatives from this period are found on the FTD releases "Burbank '68" and "Let Yourself Go." Live concert recordings from the 1970s have appeared on "Elvis by the Presleys" and FTD "Tours '77", "Dragonheart", "Dinner At Eight" and "Spring Blue", etc.

 A song that will always stay in the memory.

 "Following the Path of the King..."


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