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27 nov 2022

Elvis Presley. Fidelity and music" "My Wish Came True"


Elvis Presley. Fidelity and music" "My Wish Came True" 



RCA Radio Recorders recordings September 6, 1957
"My Wish Came True" by Ivory Joe Hunter

 This would be the first song to be recorded on September 6, 1957 at Radio Recorders by Elvis Presley. Producer Steve Sholes was upset that as many as 29 takes had to be done because of the musicians. In any case, a satisfactory result was not given, neither for him nor for Elvis, 
 because of the musicians, they had to perform 29 takes on the song "My Wish Came True" al.

 Also for him, the result would not be satisfactory and Elvis was not entirely happy either. He had included Millie Kirkham's voice in this song as well, her voice impressed him so much that he wanted to make the most of it, in a special accompaniment. The song interested him mainly because it was composed by one of his favorite authors, Joe Hunter. Elvis' performance would be intimate, very much in the style of the period, with responsive accompaniment from the choir and the outstanding voice of Millie Kirkham.

 But the truth is that she was not very much in line with the type of song that Elvis was playing at that time, it could certainly be a bit cloying, but with her voice she makes up for everything.

 After so much effort, Elvis would work on it again on February 1, 1959, since he was not convinced of the result. There were some sources that claimed that Elvis attempted eighty takes of this song before settling on a master.

 The song was included in a single released on June 23, 1959, with the song "A Big Hunk of Love", reaching number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and 15 on the R&B charts, selling over a million copies. .

 The song was included in the album "Gold Records Vol.2", later it is published in "Worldwide Gold Award Hits vol.2", "The King of Rock ´n´ Roll", "Hitstory", etc.

 Ivory Joe Hunter was a rhythm and blues singer, songwriter, and pianist. After a string of US R&B chart hits beginning in the mid-1940s, he became best known for his hit recording "Since I Met You Baby". He would be called "The Boogie Baron" and also known as "The Happiest Man Alive". His compositions would play various styles, R&B, blues, boogie-woogie, country, etc, in all of them he would have hits. Songs like "I Almost Lost My Mind", which would be hits and some recorded by Elvis such as "I Need you So", "Ain't That Lovin' You, Baby", "I will be True", "It's Still here"...

 Elvis admired him and would meet him personally in the spring of 1957, when he invited him to visit his Graceland home. As soon as they started talking, they shared their music singing and commenting about their things, they would spend the day together. Joe Hunter would comment on Elvis, saying that his mentality was very spiritual, courteous and his talent would comment that he was one of the best artists of the moment. Hunter was a prolific songwriter, writing over 7,000 songs.

 Elvis had a faithful vision of the musicians who at that time inspired him with his scores and with Hunter he knew that his music would be able to convey all his feeling.

 "Following the Path of the King..."

 Information provided by De Tupelo a Memphis

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