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28 nov 2022

Elvis - The Taste of Christmas. "White Christmas"


Elvis Christmas

The Taste of Christmas."White Christmas"


"White Christmas" by Irving Berlin

The song was recorded on September 6, 1957 at Radio Recorders for inclusion on the "Elvis Christmas Album".

A Christmas classic that should never be lacking at the time, although Elvis, as it seems, was not very interested in recording it, but he finally got carried away, it would start slowly and his interpretation would be totally different and unexpected. Elvis sings it his own way, this time based on The Drifters' version of "White Christmas." But his magical vision of the song was his feeling at the time, although his fans were captivated, not its author Irving Berlin, who saw in Elvis's song, a kind of offense that he could not accept and would write to radio stations. Radio so they wouldn't broadcast their version.

A classic Christmas score written by Irving Berlin and first sung by Bing Crosby in the 1942 film "Holiday Inn", winning the Oscar for best song and always heard every year at Christmas ever since. It is the best-selling song in history with more than 125 million copies sold worldwide. Being covered since then by many artists from different times.

The song was included on the Christmas album, "Elvis Christmas" and the "Christmas With Elvis" EP. It was also included on all of Elvis' Christmas albums, including "Blue Christmas", "If Every Day Was Like Christmas", "Christmas Peace", the 2005 box set "Christmas With Elvis", and "White Christmas" was included on Elvis' Christmas etc Also in the 1950s anthology "The King of Rock And Roll." An instrumental version on "Million Dollar Quartet" at Sun Studios on December 4, 1956 is on the MDQ etc releases.

Author Irving Berlin was a Russian-American songwriter, composer, and lyricist. His wonderful music was reflected in popular songs, ragtime, Broadway musicals, etc. It forms a large part of the Great American Songbook. Many of his songs have since become popular, becoming typical melodies that transcended time. Examples like "Alexander's Ragtime Band", "Easter Parade", "Puttin' on the Ritz", "Cheek to Cheek", "White Christmas", "Happy Holiday" etc, etc.

Irving Berlin

A composer who will always have a place in the history of music, despite time.
Although he did not know how to accept a new version of a young artist like Elvis.

"Following the Path of the King..."
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