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21 dic 2022

ELVIS AND HIS TIME - 1954 (Part.2)


Elvis Presley 1954


Billboard in 1954

In this year, 1954, the music of the adolescent rebellion was not yet on the rise: Rock And Roll, which was beginning to rear its head in a rather timid way. Thus, we find that the image of the average American was that of a person recovering from the trauma that had resulted from the intervention of this country in the Second World War, and enjoying a time of unprecedented prosperity. What came to be called the "American Way of Life", and which was proclaimed by all the politicians through the rounded black and white televisions.

It was a time when the familiar dominated the charts over the revolutionary, the time of Pop musicals or light music. Thus, it was common for the charts to be dominated by soundtracks. To give an example, we find that the great winner in this year 1954, the year in which Elvis began his career, was the singer and actor Eddie Fisher with the song "Oh My Pa-Pa" central theme of the film, "Dreams of Circus". It spent 8 weeks at number 1 and, with the song "I Need You Now" added three more weeks.

Here is another example of what was said above: a very common actress on Billboard in those years was Doris Day, and that year was not going to be any different, so with "Secret Love", the central theme of the movie "Calamity Jane" was three weeks at the top and also took home an Oscar in the best song section. As you can see, either movies or television, were the best means of reaching people.

Another of those who in this year 1954 was in the limelight was the North American crooner Perry Como, who was number 1 for 8 weeks with his "Wanted". The "Big Band" also had its acceptance and its public. Thus, for example Kitty Allen, who had already recorded with the Dorsey brothers, was at the top for a whopping 9 weeks with "Little Things Mean a Lot".

Another common current in those years, within the different musical styles, were the vocal groups, and among the best was the Canadian quartet The Crew-Cuts, who also triumphed with "Sh-Boom", and the female The Cordettes, 4 weeks at the top with "Mr. Sandman."

A woman who doubled at the top this year was Rose Mary Clooney, aunt of the famous George Clooney, who spent 6 weeks with "Hey There", and then added another week with "This Ol House" (Shakin Stevens would take her again to number 1 in England in 1981).

Article written and provided by Cesár Valle (Spain)

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