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7 dic 2022

Elvis - "Here Comes Santa Claus". The Christmas Classics.


"Here Comes Santa Claus". 

The Christmas Classics

From Tupelo to Memphis.


"Here Comes Santa Claus" by Gene Autry and Oakley Haldeman

Elvis recorded this tune performed by Gene Autry in 1947 at a Radio Recorders session on September 6, 1957. Elvis would sing it as per the original version, maybe not as up-tempo, but there really wasn't anything different. Simply the attractiveness of his voice and the way he sings, accompanied again by the choir, without apparently changing anything. There really wasn't any other intention, possibly because the song didn't say much to Elvis. Because of his way of being, when a song excited him, he searched inside for something that he could identify, interpret in a special way. But on this topic it would not be the same way. 

The song appeared on the first Christnas Album, "Elvis' Christmas Album", and soon after on the "Christmas with Elvis" EP. Later in the updated versions of the same Album. It was also included in the albums "If Every Day Was Like Christmas", "The King Of Rock And Roll", "Christmas Peace", "Elvis Christmas", etc.

Oakley W. Haldeman the composer author and music publisher. He joined ASCAP in 1949, and his other popular song compositions include "Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes", "I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine", "Tho' I Tried", "Pretty Mary", "Texas Polka" , "Honey Child," "Vic'try Train," "Last Mile," and "Texans Never Cry."

This song is the composer's best known, widely covered, for example Doris Day, Bing Crosby, etc. and since then a Christmas classic.

Following the Path of the King..."

Information provided by De Tupelo a Memphis www.detupeloamemphis.com

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