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3 dic 2022

Elvis - A peculiar love story. "If that is not love"


A peculiar love story. "If that is not love"



"If That Isn't Love" by Dottie Rambo

 A modern Gospel composition written by Dottie Rambo that Elvis recorded at Stax Studios on December 16, 1973.

The song was included on "Good Times" the following year. It was subsequently included on albums such as "Amazing Grace", "Peace In The Valley", the 2000 re-release of "Promised Land", "Christmas Peace" (Elvis: My Christmas #1) and "Elvis Inspirational". Also the alternate takes on "Essential Elvis, vol .5" and FTD "Easter Special", etc.

Dottie Rambo was the songwriter, also a Gospel singer. She was a Grammy Award-winning and multiple Dove Award-winning solo artist. In 1991, Dottie was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, in 1997, the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame, etc, etc.

Along with ella's ex-husband Buck and ella's daughter Reba, she formed the award-winning southern gospel group, "The Rambos." He wrote more than 2,500 songs, including the most notable, "The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me", "He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need", "We Shall Behold Him", and "I Go To the Rock", etc.

Her music is known for its poetic, cross-genre lyrics that speak to themes such as heaven, Christian sacrifice, wounds, and the born-again Christian experience.

"If That Isn't Love" was inspired by a passage in the Bible, which he considered a love story, about Jesus on the cross and the two thieves hanging on either side of him. They were crucifying two thieves who deserved to die. One of the thieves complained to Jesus, but the other said:

We deserve to die on a cross, but this man has done nothing wrong." This thief said to Jesus, "Will you remember me when you enter your kingdom?" And Jesus said, "Today you will be with me in paradise," which it's heaven.

Dottie saw it as a love story and reflected it in her song, obviously this can lead to various interpretations. Apart from the biblical and religious sense, in an earthly sense about sacrifice and loving delivery, this can also be interpreted.

Elvis became his friend and in his later days he was planning to record a tribute album made up of 12 of his songs, things like "He Looked Beyond My Faults", "Tears Will Never Stain The Streets of That City" and "Remind Me Dear Lord". Until the contract was signed but Elvis passed away by then.

He loved Elvis' version of this song, he would say he came alive. Elvis put a soulful sound on it but kept it sweet. She used a quartet and female singers in it. The first time she heard the recording, she cried for hours because she nailed it.

Elvis and Dottie talked about the song many times.

They first met at the Memphis Quartet Convention. Elvis had a small tent set up backstage between the curtains so no one could see him except those on stage. He would sit there and they would bring out boxes of cheeseburgers and fries. He ate and enjoyed the show.

Elvis loved his music. He would share with him many moments in Las Vegas.

He loved him like a brother and they would get together to sing after performances. They talked about the bible and shared passages, lyrics and poetry. He gave her his Bible and wrote a prayer on a red piece of paper and said, "Now every morning we will pray together on the phone."

Elvis sings this song slowly and with feeling, he liked these types of songs. A letter that reached him, with a tone of longing that Elvis must have felt in this time in a more personal and intense way. Due to his personal circumstances.

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