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2 dic 2022

Elvis - "There's A Honky Tonk Angel" "The Replacement of Love"


"There's A Honky Tonk Angel"
"The Replacement of Love"



 "There's A Honky Tonk Angel" by Troy Seals and Danny Rice.

 Elvis recorded this country ballad on December 15, 1973.

 A No.1 country chart hit for Conway Twitty in 1973.

 Elvis would sing this song in a calm, relaxed way, in an intimate way. He really longs for a love that does not return and that is why he turns to another type of affection that is less dedicated, that of a prostitute. Elvis did not mind singing songs that gave rise to other interpretations, because in his ideals he had no criticism for anyone, like other artists. And this song is sung beautifully, although like Country ballads it doesn't normally pose any vocal challenge, just performance. And in this, Elvis was a master!

 It was included in the album "Promised Land". Later in "Our Memories of Elvis", "The Country Side of Elvis", in 2006 "Elvis Country"

 An alternative take was included in "Essential Elvis.Volume 5- "Rhythm and Country", etc, etc

 It was issued as a posthumous single in 1979, reaching number 6 on the country chart.

 The song was written by Troy Seals and Denny Rice and originally released on Troy Seals' 1973 debut album Now Presenting Troy Seals.

 Troy Harold Seals was a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. He made songs that were hits like

 "Seven Spanish Angels", "Lost in the Fifties Tonight", "If You Ever Have Forever In", etc... Songs nominated for the "Song of the Year" award from the Country Music Association and known for the song "LA Lady" .

 A curious anecdote about this song:

 Cliff's producer Richard Bruce Welch heard the song and thought it would make a good single for his comeback.

 Cliff Richard recorded it but thought the lyrics were about a Chinese lady from Hong Kong, known as "Honky", not knowing that the phrase "honky-tonk angel" was an American slang term for a prostitute. He was very religious and strict and when he realized his mistake he wanted to withdraw it from the market. But it had been published in several countries, he had even sung it on TV. Finally EMI finally agreed to withdraw the single at his request.

 Cliff Richard

Elvis was not so scrupulous with trivial love, for him it could sometimes be defined as a game, he had nothing to do with a real couple


 "Following the Path of the King..."

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